The Harvest


The grape harvest is a sublime moment of nature, an ancient ritual that unites the calloused hands of the farmers with the vines caressed by the wind.

About six weeks before the harvest, we carry out our selective pruning process, which keeps only three bunches per vine. It’s one of the secrets behind the exceptional quality of Já Te Disse wine. This technique allows each bunch to receive the optimum amount of nutrients and care, resulting in superior quality grapes that produce a wine with richer flavors and aromas.

We harvest Já Te Disse manually and at dawn so that the grapes arrive fresh at the winery, where we choose the best bunches to guarantee the highest quality wines.

Each bottle is a piece of the hard work and affection of those who dedicate themselves to perpetuating this art and tradition over time.

The hard work and dedication of the winegrowers is rewarded when the time comes. With boxes in their arms and grateful hearts, they delicately pick each bunch of grapes, respecting the natural cycle of life. Each step is a gesture of affection, a tribute to the land that nourishes them.

The grape harvest is also a celebration of time, as it marks the cycle of the seasons. Autumn brings with it the melancholy of falling leaves, but also the promise of new beginnings. The wine that will be born from that moment carries within it the essence of sunny days and serene nights.

And so the grape harvest is not just a harvest of fruit, but a harvest of feelings and memories. It is a portrait of the union between man and the land, respect for nature and tradition.
We harvest the grapes variety by variety, usually starting with Syrah, then Petit Verdot and finally, in mid-September, Alicante Bouschet.

Every glass of wine that is raised is a tribute to the 3,613 vines we planted in 2016, a legacy that will last through time.

🥂 A toast with "I told you so" to all the farmers who work in the vineyards.
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