Cellar – a time capsule

Working in the winery is a deeply sensitive and human experience. Each task carried out with love and dedication is like a symphony in harmony with nature and the ancient tradition of the vineyards. Each aged barrel holds secrets and stories from years gone by. Experience and patience transform the must into precious nectars. The scent in the air is an enchanting blend of fruity notes and subtle woody nuances that heighten the senses.
Each bottle is a piece of the hard work and affection of those who dedicate themselves to perpetuating this art and tradition over time.
The cellar is also a place for meetings and celebrations. Friends, family and wine lovers come together to share special moments, toasting friendship and the joy of life. Wine, as a common bond, brings people together and enriches the ties that form around this ancient drink. At the Já Te Disse wine cellar, we work 365 days a year on the production of our wines.

Pedro Patrício, producer of JÁ TE DISSE wines, assessing the quality of the grapes

Every year, when the grapes arrive fresh from the vineyard after being harvested, the various tasks are carried out in the winery, such as destemming, crushing, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation and pressing. Several analyses are carried out on the wines throughout the process. The wines are then matured in French oak barrels for 14 to 16 years. After this ageing in wood, filtration takes place, before the wine fills each bottle throughout bottling.

The entire process is done by hand, including gluing the labels, fitting the cork stopper and placing each numbered bottle in the transport box.

Thank you to all those who work in wineries, whether in the Alentejo or anywhere in the world, and who, with their passion for the land, the grapes and the end result in each bottle, fill us with memories and move hearts.

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