our history

A passion for wine

It is in a vineyard of just one hectare in the Estremoz region that Já Te Disse wines are produced, with one common denominator: high-quality micro-production!

A trip to Burgundy and some wines that live long in the memory for all the right reasons sparked a long-dormant dream: to produce high-quality wines in Portugal! It was 2015 when Pedro Patrício, together with his brother Rui Patrício, bought an Alentejo hill in Estremoz, a stone’s throw from the parish of S. Lourenço de Mamporcão. From there to planting a vineyard with just one hectare, but with a lot to give, was a small step.
Four years later, in 2021, the first JÁ TE DISSE TINTO 2019 wine was launched, a blend made from the three grape varieties, bottled in just 2,800 numbered and hand-sealed bottles, which sold out the same year. “Less is more” is probably the expression that best defines this project, where quality will always be a priority. The unique terroir with its own specificities and a microclimate that gives it different characteristics from the rest of the Alentejo are part of the equation, where every detail counts.
the labels

Labels by the hand of Álvaro Siza Vieira

Álvaro Siza Vieira is a great storyteller.

Unique stories that are revealed in all his national and international projects, making him the most awarded Portuguese architect ever.

But Siza Vieira’s art also extends to drawing, having created the two drawings for the Patrício family, the dog and the hunter, which Pedro decided to immortalize on the labels of the JÁ TE DISSE wine.

And so it was. JÁ TE DISSE lived for many years, leaving no one indifferent, to the point where friends and colleagues often asked Grandpa what the mutt’s name was. “I TOLD YOU SO,” he replied, over and over again, without hiding his affection for that dog and the smile of pleasure the situation gave him. “But what have you said?”

The affections, the love of the countryside, the good mood, the simplicity, the genuineness; all this JÁ TE DISSE represents and brings to mind Pedro Patrício and his brother Rui. “But you’ve already said what?”.

All said and done. I TOLD YOU SO

grandfather's story

Why the name Já Te Disse

Born in Santarém, Pedro Patrício and his brother Rui’s grandfather was passionate about the countryside and loved hunting, accompanied by the dogs he had throughout his life, including a cheeky mutt with a broken ear.

When he first came home with the dog a few decades ago, Grandpa Ramiro asked Pedro and Rui’s mother what he should be called, to which she replied with a mischievous look: “I TOLD YOU SO”.

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