Our team

Photography by Rodrigo Lopes

Joachim Roque

O Winemaker Joachim Roque is the responsible specialist
By the production of wine JÁ TE DISSE. Formed in viti-oeno
in Bordeaux, France, and with various international experiences
(Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhone, Napa Valley,
Alentejo, among others), has an experienced team,
where the production assistant Ana Paulino stands out.

Joachim Roque realized, from the first day, which
It differentiated the JÁ TE DISSE of the remaining wines. He believed
in the risky and special project, and helped transform this
little vineyard in a case of success, particularly in the
respecting the production always very controlled of a
Premium wine and odd features.

Photography by Rodrigo Lopes

Manuel Santo

Natural of Estremoz, Manuel Santo is the oleologist responsible for the production of olive oil JÁ TE DISSE. He took the specialization course in evidence of virgin olive oils from Jaen University (UJA), this being the only course in the world of olive oil proofs certified by the International Olive Council.

For its singular characteristics, JÁ TE DISSE it is an olive oil that goes against the vision of Manuel Santo about what the way to follow the olive oils in Portugal. More than developing a product, it is a way of disclosing, promoting and boosting the excellencies of a product as known for its consumer history to the long years, but still so unknown in its qualities such as healthy, complex, versatile fat and, above All, delicious.

From a careful selection of fruits, olive oil JÁ TE DISSE you as a complete seasoning, full of aromas and flavors, able to satisfy the most demanding lovers, both in the daily meals and the most special occasions.