The vineyard


In 2015, the brothers Pedro and Rui Patrício decided to invest in an Alentejo Monte in Estremoz, next to the small parish of S. Lourenço de Mamporcão.

Having a vineyard and, consequently, producing a great quality wine with personality was a passion that was maturing, especially with Pedro's visit to Burgonha, where he would deepen his knowledge about wine.

Meeting a perfect terroir

The specifics of Estremoz, a land of unique characteristics, where the best of Alentejo gathers in harmony, are reflected in the uniqueness of the brand already told you.

This is a region endowed with a splendid terroir with a different microclimate from the remaining Alentejo. Combining the excellent conditions of Estremoz to the hill where the vineyard was planted, with excellent sun exposure and mixed terrain, was found the symbiosis necessary to make authentic products.


The vineyard

A 1 hectare square with 36 lines is sufficient for the production of a very limited and impeccable editing wine.


Our wine reflects the typicality of 3 castes of an exclusive wine and limited production, with the potential to become a rare wine, having the Alentejo soil of stice the ideal characteristics for its cultivation.

Alicante Bouschet

Origin: Languedoc
Grape/ wine: Tinturine (intense color), red fruits and vigorous tannins. It has been established in Alentejo many years ago and allows great quality wines.


Petit Verdot

Origin: Bordeaux - France
Grape/ wine: Red fruits, spices, menthol and violet, powerful tannins and intense color.

Little used caste in the region, won a new Iberian nationality.


Origin: Côtes du Rhône
Grape/ wine: Wild fruits, menthol, pepper, truffle violet and soft tannins.

It is a more flexible caste and can be found around the world.