Olive Oil

Our olive oil is exclusive, for
New unique flavors and palates.

The olive oil JÁ TE DISSE to originate in the Alentejo, being coming from an olive grove of the picual variety. Is produced through mill
fast and beat without any addition of temperature, so that during its extraction is not lost
Any fruity and aroma.

Differentiated olive oil

Being the fruit of selected olives, stands out for its complexity and harmony. At the olfactory level, a clear sensation of freshly cut herb, followed by an aroma the banana peel and dried fruit. In the mouth, a slightly sweet taste appears, ending with bitter and spicy notes.

Its color is identified by a yellow-green and its maximum acidity is 0.3%, confirming to be the result of the selection of green and healthy olives.

Olive oil with identity

This is an ideal olive oil to use the cold, whether to taste, temper or finish your dishes. It is the perfect ingredient to taste with bread, tempering your salad, to use on your cooked vegetables or finalize your grilled fish. It can still be used as the special touch of your dessert.

To preserve all your attributes and aromas, your conservation is recommended in a cool and protected place of light.

A signature label
of Troufa Real.

A master in the art of symbology, the identity of olive oil JÁ TE DISSE is illustrated by the architect and professor Cathedratic José
Deodoro troufa real. Sublime, are honored the grandfather of Peter Patrício, the Alentejo Hills and the dedication
day and night to the Portuguese olive grove, fundamental for the production of an olive oil premium.