The wine

For collectors and demanding lovers.

The JÁ TE DISSE is a very special wine and great potential, with limited production. That's why this is a wine that should only be enjoyed by also unique people.

There is an immense life
Run in our vineyards.

JÁ TE DISSE it's a limited and superior production wine, with a lot of manual intervention in the vineyard and little correction in the cellar.
To obtain a rare quality wine, months before the vintage, a large amount of grape is cut to the ground, so that it is possible to concentrate all the sugars, alcohol and tannins in the curls that are on the vine.

During this period, there is a constant concern in ensuring a water balance to keep the plant alive and green leaves, otherwise the fruit will not have the desired flavor.
The vintage is carried out in a manual way for about 20 people and at dawn, to maintain all its natural freshness. JÁ TE DISSE, after the process of fermentations, is killed about 16 months in new French oak barrels, raising its level of quality.
This is a great wine that ages and values ​​in a numbered bottle and limited edition that in 2019 is only 2,500 units.