Blend or varietal?


Learn about the differences…

If you’re a wine lover, you’ve certainly heard the terms “blend” and “varietal”. But do you know the difference between them?

Portugal is a country of blends, which means that most of the wines produced here are the result of a mixture of the region’s traditional grape varieties. This is how the vast majority of our wines are produced.

In these references, the winemaker’s experience can make all the difference! As if it were an art, the winemaker works out the perfect balance between acidity, body, tannins, aromas… until the desired result is achieved!

However, due to growing demand, there are more and more fine examples of monovarietal wines here, i.e. wines in which only one grape variety has been used, and which allow the consumer to get to know the expression of that grape variety in its entirety.

It’s important to note that in qualitative terms there is no difference or advantage to either style, it’s just a matter of personal taste.

From Já Te Disse, we have blends and varietals.

Já Te Disse Red is a wonderful blend of the Petit Verdot, Alicante Bouschet and Syrah grape varieties.

Our Já Te Disse White is a surprising monovarietal from the Viognier grape variety.

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