Grandpa Ramiro

Today is the day to celebrate Grandpa Ramiro’s 100th birthday. This is a text I’ve been thinking about writing for a long time, on the day I turned 100. The desired day arrives, and the words don’t come out. Emotional and full of memories, I ask everyone who still has the chance to toast and celebrate with their grandparents, with their family, for as long as they can. With or without wine in the glasses, but celebrate….

He was born on October 26, 1923, at the crack of dawn, in a small village called Alcanhões, which is now a town. A difficult birth by great-grandmother Mariana, at home. Grandpa Ramiro died in 1997.

Today we celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Grandpa Ramiro is greatly missed. However, more than nostalgia, he left us invaluable legacies, such as human values, love for his family, day-to-day resilience and passion for the countryside, nature, forests and animals. For everything else that the planet gives us.

I remember every wrinkle on his face, that wise gaze that was like a beacon and that lit up many of our paths. With him I took my first steps, my first pedal strokes, my first rifle shots. And he gave me a wonderful mother. What a simple and wonderful legacy he left us! ❤️

Our grandfather was passionate about the countryside, where he enjoyed hunting, accompanied by the various dogs he had throughout his life, including a cheeky mutt with a broken ear. When he first came home with the dog a few decades ago, Grandpa Ramiro jokingly gave him the name “JÁ TE DISSE”. And so it was. When his friends on the hunt asked what the dog’s name was, Grandpa would say “I TOLD YOU SO”, and his friends would ask “You told me what?” and there would be laughter all round. What an incredible memory my brother Rui and I have of those magical moments.

As a small tribute to our grandfather, we created the "Já Te Disse" brand for wines. And we invited Siza Vieira to design the labels, who decided to immortalize the story with two different labels. a dog and a hunter.
Thank you to Grandpa Ramiro, although wherever he is, he certainly won’t have access to social media to read this text. Pedro Patrício (grandfather Ramiro’s youngest grandson and producer of Já Te Disse wines)
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