Estremoz - History, Tradition, Marble, Market and...Wine

Located in the northern region of Alentejo, Estremoz was elevated to city status in 1926, has an area of 513.80 square kilometers and 12,683 inhabitants.

It is known internationally for its deposits of white marble, known as Mármore de Estremoz. The exploitation of marble from Estremoz has very ancient origins, as evidenced by the Roman Temple in Évora, which contains marble from Estremoz.

One of the symbols of the city of Estremoz is the traditional market held every Saturday morning in the Rossio Marquês de Pombal. Every week, the countryside comes to town and brings baskets full of fruit, vegetables, cereals, olive oil, cheeses, olives, sausages and animals. These products are fresh and can be bought directly from the producer.

In addition to this market, at the Antiques Fair visitors have the opportunity to travel back in time through the objects and articles on display in makeshift stalls or on the ground. Furniture, embroidery, earthenware, porcelain, copper, books, records, coins, postcards, stamps, antique grafonolas and agricultural utensils, among others.

However, it is increasingly popular for other reasons….wines….Great wines!!! 🍷

Estremoz is a renowned area for great Portuguese wines, with its unique terroir and microclimate.

The vineyard area of this high quality micro-production has a wide range of temperatures: in summer the temperature reaches 45º and in winter -5º, which is excellent for the ripening of the grapes.

The land where we chose to plant the Já Te Disse vineyard is at an altitude of 317 meters, which allows for a greater temperature range (difference between the lowest and highest temperatures of the day), more exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays and less oxygen in the air. The result is that the grape will have a thicker skin with more antioxidants, which means more color, more tannins, aromatic intensity, more acidity and freshness.

Visit Estremoz and sample Alentejo cuisine in the city’s excellent restaurants, such as Gadanha, Alecrim, Howard’s Folly, among others, preferably toasting with Já Te Disse wines.

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