The Já Te Disse project


In 2015, brothers Pedro and Rui Patrício decided to invest in an Alentejo hill in Estremoz, near the small parish of S. Lourenço de Mamporcão.

Having a vineyard and, consequently, producing high quality wine with personality was a passion that matured, especially when Pedro visited Burgundy, where he deepened his knowledge of wine.

The specificities of Estremoz, a land with unique characteristics, where the best of the Alentejo comes together in harmony, are reflected in the uniqueness of the JÁ TE DISSE brand.

This is a region with a splendid terroir and a different microclimate to the rest of the Alentejo. Combining the excellent conditions of Estremoz with those of the Monte where the vineyard was planted, with excellent sun exposure and a clay-schist soil, the symbiosis needed to make authentic products was found.

Small vineyard, big wines

In 2016, only 1 hectare of vines was planted with 3 grape varieties of French origin – Alicante Bouschet, Petit Verdot and Syrah. Alicante Bouschet originated in Languedoc and is also called the Tintureira variety for its intense color, red fruits and vigorous tannins. It has been established in the Alentejo for many years and produces high quality wines.

The Petit Verdot grape variety, originally from Bordeaux, is distinguished by its aromas of red fruits, spices, menthol and violets, powerful tannins and intense color. A grape variety little used in the region, it has conquered a new Iberian nationality.

Syrah, from the Côtes, is known for its flavors of wild berries, menthol, pepper, violet truffle and soft tannins. It is a more flexible variety and can be found all over the world.

The winemaker of Já Te Disse wines is Joachim Roque, a Portuguese-French winemaker who is responsible for the viticulture and production of Já Te Disse wine. He has a degree in viticulture and oenology from Bordeaux, France, and several international experiences (Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhônes, Napa Valley, Alentejo, among others). Based in Estremoz in his company Vinivista (consultants), he has an experienced and dedicated technical team.

Winemaker Joachim Roque is the specialist responsible for for wine production I TOLD YOU SO

From day one, Joachim Roque realized the potential of the terroir and the grape varieties that set the JÁ TE DISSE wine apart. He believed in the unique and particular project and helped turn this small plot of land into a success story, particularly in terms of the always highly controlled production of a premium wine with unique characteristics.

Labels by Siza Vieira

The label designs are by the architect Alvaro Siza Vieira, Siza Vieira is a great storyteller. Unique stories that are revealed in all his national and international projects, making him the most awarded Portuguese architect ever. But Siza Vieira’s art also extends to drawing, having created for the Patrício family the two drawings that Pedro decided to immortalize on the labels of the Já Te Disse wine, a dog and a hunter.

All the bottles of all the wines are always numbered, with the two distinct labels of the dog and the hunter. The cork used is natural cork, which is then heat-sealed. The wines are available in 750ml bottles

In 2019, the first red wine was produced, a blend of the three grape varieties, which surprised the market with its quality and potential for future vintages. Only 2,800 bottles were produced and in just 9 months the entire production was sold.

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